Welcome to the 100 Club!

    ​This month we feel like proud parents bragging about our kids​.

    As we approach the end of 2017 we realized that almost everyone on the sales team reached or surpassed their goals bringing them to ALANTE‘s sought after 100 Club.

    Why sought after?

    Well, it symbolizes a sales volume that is above the average sales agent, a peak performance and most important, at ALANTE it means, the agents get to keep 100% of their commission sales for the rest of the year helping those agents reach all their financial goals.

    So with that being said, Congratulations are in order!

    Here are their journeys…

    Congratulations, Kim Hanlon!

    This is the 4th year in a row that Kim has made this elite accomplishment, we celebrate you this year especially for the following reasons:
    Back in April out of nowhere Kim became deathly ill while on an overseas trip with her family, it was such a horrific thing that she had to endure but she had the entire country praying for her and her family.  She taught us all many lessons during that time and after but if we strictly had to pick a business lesson we learned from her, we pick her professionalism. She never gave up on her clients, her team, her company and herself. She stayed the course and one day at the time she simply continued to do her job. We know her clients appreciated her efforts and so do we!  Today we celebrate you, Kim, for not making any excuses, remaining positive and being an outstanding professional in our industry.


    Congratulations, Jim Savage!

    If we could tell you truly how proud and impressed we are with Jim’s first year at ALANTE we are certain we would make you cry because what he has managed to accomplish this year both personally and professionally is nothing short of incredible.  Jim was already a beloved member of our industry and when he joined our boutique real estate company we were honored and thrilled to show him what we could do for him to better his professional career.  We knew that having the support of a team, top-notch systems and ongoing accountability would be key to his success. To see his face when we told him he reached the 100% club and he could now keep all his commission sales was priceless.
    Jim we celebrate that you also put one foot in front of the other, kept a positive outlook and showed us all the true meaning of what it means when people say “it’s never too late”.



    Congratulations, Jon Whiting!

    We call Jon our wild card, affectionately.
    Jon rejoined ALANTE after having a lapse in judgment and switching brokerages for 3 months in 2016, an episode he now refers to as the biggest mistake of his life – haha!  Jon is the agent that just when we think he spends his days at sea fishing with his brothers or at the golf course he comes in and surprises us with 5 new sales on the books.
    Every deck of cards has one and without it the deck is not complete, that’s how we feel about Jon.
    We applaud you for having had 2017 as your best year in your Real Estate career no doubt a record you will break in 2018.

    We hand pick our Agents.

    For job opportunities at ALANTE Real Estate please visit www.jobsatalante.com

    All enquiries will be kept confidential.

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