We bought a house! Our very first home…

    We bought a house!

    We closed on May 2nd. The next day, I woke up, turned to Tim and said, “I’ll be at the house doing yard work today…. [pause and smile] because we own it, it’s OUR HOUSE!”

    It’s an extremely rewarding feeling – our very first home. As I drove up to it after we closed, the sun was shining, the skies were clear, the grass was ten times greener than when we last saw it; I was overwhelmingly excited to start this next chapter of our lives. And at that moment, I thought of my job in a different way. This is what we help people do, we help them find their OWN home. Whether it’s their first, their third, or even selling to move on, we help them through that journey. I always loved what we do at ALANTE; we offer an experience unlike anyone else – solely based on service. But now having gone through that experience, I can appreciate it that much more.

    So we bought a house! A bank-owned house. And I’m going to be honest, it feels more like a baby…

    We’re exhausted.

    Our wallets are thinning… quickly.

    And everyone is telling us that this is just the beginning.

    The house needed a lot of work. Holes in walls; rugs that I think were never, EVER, cleaned (gag); support beams hacked into, doors ripped off hinges, broken windows, even the ceiling fan blades and the fireplace mantel had been ripped off. We hired a contractor to do the work that we couldn’t have done ourselves, but we have also gotten our hands dirty – not without the help of our INCREDIBLE families. That’s what makes it fun and when it’s all done and we look back, we’ll be able to say we truly made this house our home.

    Thank you for joining in on this journey of ours.  Although today is move-in day, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. I can’t wait to share more about our home with you. You’ll be seeing a lot of before and after’s, DIY tips, and next week I will absolutely share the experience of how it was buying a bank owned home (yikes).



    Me and my mom during “demolition”


    Goodbye gross carpets!


    Hard at work, taking staples out after the carpets were removed.


    Tile was tough.


    Blood & sweat, but no tears here!


    Might have been the hardest job yet…


    …but now we’re ready to install the hardwood.


    Living room needs some definite TLC. Wait until you see it complete!



    We worked with some pretty amazing individuals that worked extremely hard to help us through this deal. Thank you to Anne Borghesani, our lender, for working nights and weekends, for your knowledge and especially your patience. Thank you John Widdison, for explaining everything in precise detail and making our closing a very smooth process. Thank you John Shea and Susana Murphy for guiding us through the journey of buying a banked owned home, you definitely made it less painful.

    There’s no way I can’t promote these individuals – you won’t find a team of people who work harder for you. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the near future, please give them a ring!

    Anne Borghesani, Branch Manager
    First Home Mortgage
    99 Derby Street, Suite 103
    Hingham, MA 02043


    John J. Widdison
    Law Office of John Widdison, PC
    2277 State Road
    Plymouth, MA 02360


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    • Rachael Spiess

      Written on

      Congrats Emily & Tim !!! The outside looks adorable and can’t wait to see what the finished inside looks !! So excited. My boyfriend does pretty much anything but plumbing and electric if you need to hire anyone !!

      • Emily Turner

        Written on

        Thanks so much Rachael! Good to know! 🙂 We’re so excited we’re in the house now but we know we still have our work cut out for us. You’ll have to visit this summer!! Maybe I’ll have a little Sea Dog reunion. 😉


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