Welcome to Plymouth, Vela Juice Bar!

    It could be the beautiful produce on the shelves, the fresh juices blending or the kale growing on the window sill that gives Vela Juice Bar it’s warm, inviting feel as you walk through the door. You’re instantly greeted, not only by a welcoming smile from the two local owners, but by the gorgeous design and craftsmanship of the bar.

    Ana Dabrowski and Dan Gallivan are long-time friends and owners of Vela Juice Bar. After both spending countless years in the corporate world, they decided to join forces and blend together their love for food, health and their community. Both being 2002 graduates of Plymouth North High School, their fondest memories are of the ocean, sandy beach, and spending their summers right in the heart of Plymouth. These memories became their inspiration for naming Vela Juice Bar. “Vela” is, in fact, Latin for “sails of a ship.” From the teak and holly bar, best know for being the gorgeous wood used on sail boats, to the array of options on their menu like “Browns Bank Sunset” and “Pilgrim Punch,” Ana and Dan definitely succeeded in incorporating as much of a local feel as possible. And the design of the space is stunning. The gorgeous bar, bright red, wooded chairs and the menu displayed on chalkboards hanging on a wall of newly cut wood was the craftsmanship of Walsh Buildworks, Ana’s boyfriend Brendan Walsh, along with her father and of course Dan and herself.

    The juices and smoothies are nothing sort of delicious. Dan’s culinary background and Ana’s love for fresh, health foods show in their creative, clean and mouthwatering menu! I had the pleasure of stopping by  Vela quite a few times the week of their opening and have made it known how much I enjoy their beverages. Blended and juiced right in front of your eyes, these incredible combinations are sweet, savory and incredibly healthy. Vela’s produce is delivered daily and for the most part very local, including the coffee beans they get from Jolly Bean Coffee. Being a local myself, and loving everything about this wonderful town of Plymouth, I feel right at home sipping on my freshly blended “Wake Up Call.”

    For the foodies who just love great tasting beverages, this might be your regular stop through town, especially during their Happy Hour from 3-5pm. And for the health nuts, getting ready for a new year and new you, this is the place to start! Vela offers a fantastic juice cleanse program giving your body that re-set it needs.

    Opening just before the new year, Vela has added a fresh taste to Plymouth’s Downtown and a delicious start to your new year!

    Check back to our Facebook page next week for a chance to win an amazing package to Vela!

    Welcome to Plymouth, Vela Juice Bar!

    71 Court Street
    Plymouth, MA 02360
    M-F: 7-7pm
    S-S: 9-5pm

    imageProud Owners, Dan Gallivan & Ana Dabrowski

    image (1)

    IMG_5533Fresh wheat grass

    IMG_5429HOMEMADE Almond Milk, Almond Butter & Peanut Butter! YUM!

    IMG_5507 IMG_5530“Boost Your Smoothie” with Bee Pollen, Chia Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Hemp or Soy Protein & MORE!

    IMG_5534 IMG_5538Fresh herbs, ALWAYS!

    IMG_5539 IMG_5519Buzzards Brew & Wake Up Call – two of my favorites!

    FullSizeRenderFresh Kale starting to grow!

    image1Beautiful work done by Walsh Buildworks

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