“The Tiffany’s of the Local Real Estate Market” Wow.

    Last week we received notifications from Google and Zillow, among other sites, that a review was posted for us to see. What we read put tears in our eyes and made us remember how much we LOVE what we do. We’d like to share it with you…

    Do you remember that commercial for V-8 juice, where the actress is thumped upside her head by her daughter in the baby carriage and the voice-over says, “Could’ve had a V-8”? …

    … Well, every time I drive by a house where the For Sale sign has been blowing in the wind for months on end, or see the half-dozenth Open House for the very same house, or read “PRICE REDUCED!!!”, I say to myself: “Could’ve called ALANTE.”

    Simply stated, ALANTE is a gem.

    As a relatively newly established real estate agency, it may still be a diamond in the rough.
    However, there is no doubt in my mind that within a few years, as word continues to spread, Susana Murphy and her exceptional team of true professionals will become the Tiffany’s of the local real estate market.

    On a personal level, listing the home I lived in for nearly four decades was an extremely emotional and difficult decision: This was the home I had spent two-thirds of my life in. My children were born and raised there. Family and friends gathered: good times, good memories. When my parents visited, my father planted Japanese Maple and birch saplings and lilies-of-the-valley there. My perennial cottage gardens were a continual work in progress.

    But commencing with the very first meeting I had with Susana — an intensive two hours where every single step and aspect of the process, down to the minutest detail was carefully explained and reviewed in great detail and depth — I was thoroughly impressed. From the informative statistics regarding the current status of the real estate market in my town, to the staging process, to the professional photographer who would be employed to showcase my home in its absolute best light, to up-to-the-minute communications via ALANTE’s own website initiative, well… it was all very impressive.

    And although I am one of the six people left on the planet who does not own an iPhone, I am not so naive as to deny the importance of essential electronic communication and social media here in the 21st century. Rather than advertising my home in local papers in a one-inch black and white square nestled among twenty other homes, ALANTE utilized a multitude of social media websites, including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Postlets, allowing my home to be viewed by a substantially greater audience on their smart phones and other mobile devices.

    Communication — emails and phone calls — were always key and both Susana and Emily, ALANTE’s marketing director, replied quickly, oftentimes almost instantly.

    Once the P & S was signed on my home, Susana was supportive and sympathetic to the angst associated with that roller-coaster process. In essence, she did not let go of my hand until after all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed on closing day. Always full of positivity and reassurance, I am grateful to her for this.

    Finally, “alante” is the Spanish word for “welcome”. The philosophy behind this jewel of a company is very simple: One is welcomed here in the same way one is welcomed into the homes of family and friends.

    It does not get any better than that.

    Thank YOU, Renate, from the bottom of our hearts.

    It was a pleasure being by your side during your journey.

    We wish you the very best in your beautiful home. 



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