12 Amazing Upgrades for your Home

    Take out that remolding list and write these down! We love these genius home upgrades.

    1. USB outlets

    So you can finally throw away those cubed iPhone plugs you lose every day anyway.eca5fe68931d68bab26e4bb75dcb5bc9

    2. A hidden wine cellar.

    A simple wine rack just wouldn’t be sufficient.Underground-Wine-Cellar-in-Kitchen-Floor-Design

    3. The cool kids room

    Your children deserve the ultimate bedroom… but more importantly, it might just keep them in there longer on Saturday mornings.aa6f8df4310fe472d36580d3b2348989

    4. Hidden outlets

    Minimize the clutter on your office desk with hidden outlets. ee3d482eb169278b39dacc8fb041316c

    5. A oversized, walk-in pantry

    There’s never enough room for everything in your kitchen. Clear those counters with an incredible pantry!pantry

    6. Pantry door from the garage

    Because that’s just genius.02da0e1bc0280ac80609c0e3add11333

    7. This shower.


    8. Smarter kitchen storage

    Before you throw your tupperware across the room…d857fbe4da223ede349f3270203ead8e

    9. A secret room

    Sometimes the only way to get some peace and quiet.03b73e1c58d0bb5fe90b4d4e5b427855

    10. More hidden outlets26ea6111f5f714b7805516c58dc950b1

    11. Slide away step stool.

    When those short ones in your life need a little extra boost.0c62087a48e3d209ff17df2dc7431267

     12. And THIS adult treehouse

    Because they’re not just for kids anymore.1de49bc53abfed4aa76ef3683985f891


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