Luxury. Love. Simplicity.

    It may be the privacy off of the main road, the journey you have to take down the long, lush tree-lined driveway that creates that sense of awe. It’ll catch you off guard and might just even take your breath away as you catch a glimpse of the panoramic views of the vast, blue Atlantic ocean coming through the windows of the home. This home that rests on Warren’s Cove is overwhelmingly beautiful, yet it boasts a modest, comfortable feel making any guest feel right at home. It’s not the luxury estate that you’re hesitate to host children, in fear they will scratch, dent, or break something of value. This home welcomes families. It was built for families and was made to be filled with the joy of company.026-1654828-large

    The gourmet kitchen is home to many dinner parties; many culinary experiences, some extraordinary, and some worth a few laughs. It’s a chef’s kitchen, exclusively designed by a Le Cordon Bleu Paris chef. Every kitchen tool has its home; every spice, every sugar; keeping the red dragon granite and Silestone counter tops stunningly organized and clean. Whether you’re a skilled chef or a newcomer, this kitchen is meticulously designed to create an enjoyable culinary experience. And with the two stainless steel dishwashers and two deep basin sinks, clean up after a home full of guests could not be easier.022-Kitchen-1654907-medium 024-Kitchen-1654912-medium

    Holidays are hosted here, in this breathtaking ocean front home. The open floor plan allows for a perfect flow of gathering and conversation from the kitchen to the living room to the beautiful bluestone patio. Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky with Warren’s Cove having the best view on the South Shore. Not only is it an incredible spot to view America’s Hometown sky illuminate on the most patriotic night of the year, but you can also see fireworks from towns across the bay, right from the comfort of your lavish backyard.


    Thanksgiving is another holiday this home was made to host. The smell of the delicious traditional recipes passed down from generations fill the entire first floor while you can faintly hear another exquisite bottle of wine from the wine cellar pop open under the abundant of joyful conversation and laughter.


    But it’s that moment of peace and tranquility, when all of the loving family and friends journey back up the driveway to venture home. The home becomes quiet again; peaceful and ready for the day to end. The master suite awaits the setting sun allowing the deep red-orange glow to consume the room. Warm water fills the soaking tub with enough room for two and the day is complete.


    Luxury. Love. Simplicity. Welcome to 216 Warren Ave.


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