January Home Maintenance Pro Tips

    Whether you’ve just recently purchased a home, are soon closing on a new home or are just looking for an easy checklist to maintain your home throughout the year, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that are a great start for the month of January. 📝

    ✅  Change Furnace Filters

    ✅  Vacuum & dust HVAC unit

    ✅  Test CO & Smoke Detectors

    ✅  Check & Clean Range Hood Fan

    ✅  Clean Garbage Disposal (Crush Ice, Baking soda & Citrus Rinds)

    ✅  Vacuum behind Refrigerator & clean Coils

    ✅  Clean Circuit Breakers

    ✅  Remove cobwebs from ceilings and room corners

    ✅  Dust blinds, wash windows and launder curtains

    ✅  Reorganize closets & clean closet floors

    Stay tuned each month for more helpful tips on our blog!

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