Homes for Sale in Plymouth MA – June 2013 Market Update

    Homes for Sale in Plymouth MA – June 2013 Market Update

    Every month, I’ll be posting up-to-date information for several coastal MA real estate markets. Here’s your update on homes for sale in Plymouth for the past three months.

    Homes that sold in the last 3 months were on the market an average of 177 days (one home spent over 1000 days on the market, but others sold just 2 days after being listed). Of the homes currently on the market, the average time spent for sale is 114 days.

    There were 135 homes sold in Plymouth in the past 90 days! 16 of them sold for greater than their listing price, 105 got less than the listing price, and 14 sold at their listing price.

    The current price range of homes on the market is $41,000 to $2,690,000, with a median price of $382,600. Comparatively, the houses that sold went between $83,000 and $950,000, selling at a median price of $270,000.

    How many homes are on the market right now? We have approximately 385 homes for sale in Plymouth as of this writing. That comes out to about 8.5 months of inventory in the market today, which means Plymouth is currently considered to be a buyer’s market.

    Check back each and every month for more information on Plymouth real estate. Plus, get this information delivered straight to your inbox by requesting a free home value report here.

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