6 Gadgets You Need in 2016

    Have you made a New Years Resolution?

    Whether it’s to practice healthier habits, increase your productivity, etc. here are our TOP 6 favorite gadgets that are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals!


    1. Scrap Trap – Prefer to order out because it’s less of a mess?  Now you have the Scrap Trap to collect unwanted pieces of food as you cook those healthy meals at home!


    2. Admit it, we’ve all tried to carry our groceries into the house in one trip.  The One-Trip grocery bag holder makes that challenge much easier and reduces the chances of dropping your groceries!


    3. Winter weather can be harsh, this portable USB Humidifier is a great gadget to have available.  Say goodbye to dry skin and chapped lips!


    4. If you’re looking to get back into a fitness routine this Drift Balance Board is the perfect piece of equipment to use in the comfort of your home.


    5.  Stay hydrated and drink the right amount of water every day with the Hidrate Spark.  This water bottle syncs with its app on your iPhone so theres no more excuses not to stay hydrated!


    6. Protect yourself from painful burns with Oven Rack Guard protectors.  A great gadget if you’re new to cooking or if you’d just like to be safe!

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