3 Healthy Recipes for the Weekend!


    Although we may not be getting all of that crazy snow like we were supposed to, here are a few of ALANTE’s favorite cold-weather recipes for you to try this weekend!



    1. Harvest Beef Stew

    This meal is perfect to make this weekend because you can easily set it and forget it.  With such simple ingredients, this meal takes very little prep time and will be sure to keep you warm and full this weekend!  This is a healthy alternative when it’s just too cold to cook steaks on the grill.  Add tons of veggies such as carrots, pearl onions, celery, and diced tomatoes.  YUM!



    2. Creamy Tomato Soup

    Once again, a Crock Pot will make this meal so easy to make that you’ll just have to try it!  Tomato soup is always a household favorite for most, and this recipe is full of yummy veggies to make it super healthy!  For full cooking instructions click here.



    3. Heart Healthy Turkey Chili

    Chili is always a delicious way to warm up during the Winter months.  This Turkey Chili, made with 99% fat free ground turkey is not only healthy but also so yummy!


    Hopefully you get a chance to try these delicious recipes this weekend!

    For more healthy recipes, visit our Pinterest page.





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