2015 Winter Recess at ALANTE

    When I began my new journey with ALANTE Real Estate this year, I was surprised to hear that the week between Christmas and New Years would be time off given to me in order to spend with my family and friends which they called “Winter Recess”, this was not part of my vacation package but simply how my work calendar was going to be structured.

    This is something that I had never been offered at previous jobs I had.  It was clear to me that ALANTE truly was a company that valued a work-life balance in order to spend time off and the ability to relax and enjoy the company of family during what we all know to be the busiest and most stressful time of the year.

    One of the company’s core values is BALANCE and I learned very quickly that ALANTE stands by their core values.

    To ALANTE, balance means to give it all you’ve got while your “on” and to disconnect, go off-grid and enjoy what is most valuable in life, time when you’re “off”.

    Time to yourself.

    Time with family and time with friends.

    Time.  The best gift anyone can give you.

    Growing up in Europe, mid-day siestas, long lunches and extended vacations were part of everyday culture for our company’s CEO. Now, CEO of ALANTE, Susana seeks to instill this philosophy and foster a similar culture for her employees.

    Yes, we are closed for Winter Recess and because of that we know we will come back; Happy, Refreshed & Ready for you and 2016.

    We hope you are able to enjoy what’s left of 2015 with those that matter too!

    “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa


    PS. The photos below represent some of ALANTE’s favorite moments and time spent with loved ones throughout the past year!BeFunky Collage

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